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Useful Prem Websites

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Support Sites


National Premmie Foundation www.prembaby.org.au
Six of Australia’s prem support groups have come together to form a national organization that will unify, and act as a guiding body for existing prem support groups, help to create new ones, help to improve the treatments and outcomes available for premature infants, and represent the interests of these infants and their families in terms of health policies, funding and standards of care.

Austprem www.austprem.org.au

Austprem is an incorporated, non-profit organisation in Australia. Those involved have all experienced, or been closely involved with the experience of prematurity. We aim to support, in any way we can, parents and caregivers of other premature infants and children.
L’iL Aussie Prems www.lilaussieprems.com.au
L'il Aussie Prems is Australia’s online support site for parents and families of premature babies.

Lifes Little Treasures www.lifeslittletreasures.org.au - Victoria
A charity run by volunteer parents who themselves have had a premature baby. We provide support and assistance to other families of premature babies throughout Victoria, either in hospital, neonatal intensive care units, special care nurseries or in the community when families get home.
Loddon Mallee Kids www.loddonmalleekids.org.au – Loddon Mallee Region, Vic

Loddon Mallee Kids is a Not for Profit Organisation that is based in Bendigo, Victoria, Australia. Our aim is to provide support, information and resources to families and carers who are involved with parenting prematurely born babies and children.

Tiny Sparks WA  www.tinysparkswa.org.au 
Tiny Sparks WA is a not-for-profit charity run by local volunteer families, dedicated to improving the health and wellbeing of mothers enduring high-risk pregnancies, newborns requiring the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) or special care nursery (SCN), and the communities supporting them in Western Australia.
Miracle Babies www.miraclebabies.com.au
Miracle Babies celebrates the birth of babies who enter our world challenged by prematurity or sickness. Our mission is to provide support to families throughout Australia during their journey through a Newborn Intensive Care Unit (NICU), the transition to home and onwards.

New Zealand

Provides support and services for parents of babies in the Neonatal Unit and fundraises for equipment for the Unit.
United States
('Preemie' is another term used to describe a premature child) 

Premature Baby Premature Child www.prematurity.org
Online support and hundreds of articles for parents of preemies, focus on special needs of preemies and older preemies.


Premature-Infant.com www.premature-infant.com
Information and emotional support for preemie parents and health care professionals.

United Kingdom

Bliss, the special care baby charity, was established nearly 30 years ago and continues to champion the care of our most vulnerable babies and their families. We are the only national organisation dedicated to improving the survival and long-term quality of life for babies born too soon, too small or too sick to cope on their own.

24 Weeks Plus www.24weeksplus.com
Our aim is to support everyone affected by a premature birth. We would like to help parents to know what they can do to help in the care of their baby and to promote "bonding" with their baby. We understand that Doctors and Nurses can sometimes be intimidating because we've "been there, done that" and we understand that sometimes you just want to let off steam, and that's what we're here for.

Sids and Kids www.sidsandkids.org
SIDS and Kids is dedicated to saving babies' lives through the elimination of sudden and unexpected infant deaths, and supporting bereaved families. We deliver on our vision through world class education, research, evidenced based intervention and advocacy.

National Twin Loss Support www.nationaltwinloss.org.au
The main aim of this organisation is to break down the massive wall of fear and ignorance surrounding grief, and to replace it with love and understanding. Initially, set up to cater for the needs of families in the Murraylands region of South Australia who suffered any form of pregnancy loss, it has developed into one of the few organisations around the world that can specialise in twin loss and other higher order multiple loss issues.

AngelBaby was created to help unite families with others who have lost their child, in the hope that they can help each other heal.

New Zealand
Sands New Zealand www.sands.org.nz
Sands New Zealand (Stillbirth and Newborn Death Support) are a voluntary, parent-run, non-profit organisation set up to support parents and families who have experienced the death of a baby.We promote awareness, understanding and support for those dealing with the death of a baby in pregnancy, birth or as a newborn, and due to medical termination or other forms of reproductive loss.

Twin Loss NZ www.twinloss.org.nz
Twin Loss NZ are a New Zealand-wide group for those who have lost one or more or all of their twins, triplets or more in a multiple birth from early pregnancy to childhood and beyond including the loss of a twin sibling in adulthood.


United States & Canada
Helping After Neonatal Death, is a California non-profit corporation, founded in 1981 to help parents, their families and their healthcare providers cope with the loss of a baby before, during, or after birth.

Jumelle jumelle.ca 
Jumelle - meaning twin or paired - offers information regarding multiple births. It includes pregnancy and post-natal information and, from the point of view of new parents, it attempts to address some of your questions and concerns. Although a joyous time, there are sometimes risks in multiple births. Hence this web site also offers bereavement support for parents who have lost one, more or all of their multiple birth children during pregnancy or in infancy.
United Kingdom
U.K. Sands www.uk-sands.org 
U.K. Sands is a national charity, established by bereaved parents in 1981. We have 3 core aims which are to: Support anyone affected by the death of a baby; to work in partnership with health professionals to improve the quality of care and services offered to bereaved families; and to promote research and changes in practice that could help to reduce the loss of babies' lives.

Babyloss www.babyloss.com 
Babyloss is a UK-based resource of information and support for bereaved parents and their families who have lost a baby at any stage of pregnancy, at birth, or due to neonatal death. The organisation was established in 2000, and is run by a small team of volunteer administrators and forum moderators. The Babyloss website provides information and support online for anyone affected by the death of a baby during pregnancy, at birth, or shortly afterwards.

Clothing Sites 
Premmie Angels www.premmieangels.com.au
This site was created by the mother of twin premmie baby girls with the help of other parents of premature babies and some special NICU nurses, to help other families with premature babies, twins, and triplets, small or sick babies. It is a place for premature baby clothing, premmie nappies, premature baby advice and news.

Moment by Moment www.momentbymoment.com.au
Moment by Moment E-Boutique Baby Store provides Premmie baby clothes, cuski baby comforter, earlybirds baby wear, premmie nappy packs, premature baby dummy, Dr Browns Feeding bottles for premmie baby, expressing equipment, personal premmie stories, hosts premmie support group meetings and premmie pictures. 

Isolette suits, body suits, all-in-ones, jackets, t-shirts, pants, hats, singlets, jumpsuits, booties, bibs, swaddling wraps, nightgowns, gift sets and gift certificates.

Our Preemie Baby Outfits are made of soft fabrics and are made for comfort and dressing ease. These Preemie Baby Outfits fit a premature baby approximately 36 weeks (000000) unless otherwise stated. These Preemie Outfits are easy care and drip dry, perfect for those busy Mum's. Our Preemie Outfits have been made from all new fabric and materials and come from a smoke and pet free environment.

Think Twins www.thinktwins.com.au 
The Think Twins philosophy is to provide a practical and affordable shopping service of Australia's biggest range of twin specific products. We aim to take the guesswork out of buying gifts for twins, by designing pairs of products that should delight the recipients. Whether you are a friend or relative looking for a gift, or a parent looking for a special product to make life easier, we promise you will find the most unique product range here at Think Twins. Our clothing range for premature babies fits those weighing 800 grams and above.

Precious Prems www.preciousprems.com.au 
Precious prems stock Tummytub, Hugabub, Earlybirds, Safetsleep, Zaky, and our own custom made range of NICU approved baby clothing.

Adorable Affordable www.adorableaffordable.com.au
Adorable for kids....Affordable for parents! Adorable Affordable stock a large collection of beautiful baby clothes and childrenswear, available in sizes suitable for prem babies through to 7 year olds. They also have a fantastic range of leather shoes for babies, toddlers and children and are stockists of The BubBE Book.
Callie's Cottage  www.calliescottage.com.au 
Callie’s Cottage specialise's in a variety of premature and newborn baby clothing and gift ideas, with the aim of providing only the highest quality products with priority delivery at pratical prices. Our range of products are made from 100% high-quality, machine-washable and fire safe materials designed for comfort, warmth and practicality.

New Zealand

We know how special your new little bundle is - and especially when they arrive ahead of schedule. We also know how frustrating it is trying to find clothes that fit your baby properly and that don't make your baby look like it is just a bundle of clothes with no child inside. We stock premature clothing sets, scrapbooking supplies, body suits, gowns, all-in-ones, tops, bottoms and accessories

United States

The Preemie Store www.preemie.com
At the Preemie Store, you will find preemie clothes , from micropreemie to going home. We try to provide you with a complete selection of clothing for your smaller baby, from one pounders up to fitting into newborn sizes. We carry less expensive basics at lower than normal retail price to expensive designer clothes, and whenever possible a great deal on all makes and sizes!


Nurture Place www.nurtureplace.com
You'll find everything you need to dress tiny preemies in comfort and style at Nurture Place. Our clothes are designed to provide easy nurse access, accommodate monitoring leads and IV tubes, and are constructed with natural "breathing" fabrics, like 100% cotton. If your baby is ready to go home, you'll find lots of PREEMIE Take-Me-Home super-cute garments for leaving the hospital and dressing him/her at home.

United Kingdom

Teddy & Me www.teddyandme.co.uk  
Our clothing range has been designed specifically for premature and low birth weight babies following eighteen months of investigative research involving neonatal specialists and parents. Our garments are soft, comfortable, correctly sized and suitable for babies in neonatal and homecare environments. 

Prem2Pram offer a range of personalised items for the parents and family of premature and low birth weight babies right up to the age of three years. They also sell items of clothing for expectant mothers.

Ecobots www.econappies.co.nz - Prefold Cloth
Ecobots stock prem sized (900 g - 2.7 kg) prefold nappy covers and inners. They are made using specialized lamination technology that enhances durability and improves performance, are waterproof and breathable, suit all types of laundry washing and tolerate being tumble dried. They have a leak-proof urethane barrier, double barrier gusset around the legs to prevent leaks, waterproof velcro fastening to ensure a secure fit, long fastening strip across tummy to give a maximum fitting range, elastic across the back to provide a snug fit, material edges to prevent stratches, and an umbilical scoop to prevent rubbing on tender new skin.
Kiwi Green www.kiwigreen.com.au - Muslin Cloth
Kiwi Green stock BumBees muslin nappies for newborn & premature babies.
Bev’s Country Cottage Preemie Baby Patterns www.bevscountrycottage.com/preemies.html
Patterns for all things preemie, including hats, booties, mittens, diaper sets, sweaters, onesies, Afghans, bibs, isolette covers and even a pattern for creating a doll that replicates the size of your child!


TummyBear specialises in cloth keepsake dolls that are hand made especially for premmie families. The dolls are custom made to your baby's actual birth measurements and weight. The dolls provide an excellent way for you to show and remember your baby’s birth size.

Unique Christening & Angel Gowns by Dana www.uniquechristeninggowns.com
Makers of handstitched christening and angel gowns.